Past Events

In May 2019

PRIViLEDGE project held its first workshop - PENCIL - Workshop on Privacy ENhancing Cryptography In Ledgers.

You can find the website here:
and read the short blog about the event HERE.

In November 2019

PRIViLEDGE was presented at Convergence 2019 exhibition area. Team PRIViLEDGE engaged in direct dialogue wioth the visitors of the conference discussing the project's ambitions and specific use cases. Read more HERE.

In October 2020

PRIViLEDGE organised a policy workshop “Data Sharing and Privacy – What Has Changed in the Era of COVID? A Deep Dive into Policy Dilemmas and New Technological Solutions” on 15th of October. This virtual workshop brought together researchers, innovators and policy makers who investigated how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) can offer solutions for data security and privacy issues.
See the workshop's video here.

In December 2020

PRIViLEDGE participated at
Paris Blockchain Week Summit on 9th December where we  hosted a workshop on "DLT Applications through Advanced Cryptography: i-Voting, Health Insurance, Higher Education Certificates and Software Update Domains". Read more here and see the video here.