Privacy advances in DLT by PRIViLEDGE partners

Toon Segers

Toon is a PhD researcher in applied cryptography at TU Eindhoven, focusing on Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC). Toon is head of product of Roseman Labs, a high-tech software company that delivers privacy solutions based on MPC.



In this talk, Toon Segers walks us through privacy advances in distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) by PRIViLEDGE partners.

Recent advances in cryptography have led to significant privacy improvements in transaction, computation and storage techniques for DLTs:

  • In the area of private transactions, a notable achievement is the publication of the privacy-preserving Proof-of-Stake based ledger, Ouroboros Crypsinous.
  • In the area of private computation, notable progress has been made in zero knowledge proof systems and secure multi-party computation to improve computational efficiency and versatility.
  • In the area of storage, we discuss an improvement in bulletin board security that is particularly relevant for verifiable e-voting systems. 

The talk concludes with several real-world examples illustrating how these new technologies are beneficial in private digital currencies, outcome based costing in health care and e-voting, among others.