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Privacy meets accountability in token payment systems

Token management systems have been a central application of blockchain technology ever since its early days. Despite their popularity, th...

Reasoning about privacy in smart contracts

Smart contracts have become a standard way to implement complex online interaction patterns involving the exchange of both cryptographic ...

How decentralized are your software updates?

Software updates are everywhere. The most vital aspect of sustainability for any software system is its ability to effectively and swiftl...

What did 2019 deliver to PRIViLEDGE and PRIViLEDGE to 2019?

An end of a year is always a great time for reflection. So, let’s look back at what happened in the PRIViLEDGE project in 2019. ...

Toolkit for post-quantum secure protocols in ledgers

One of the deliverables of the PRIViLEDGE project is a toolkit for post-quantum secure protocols in ledgers. The toolkit will provide cli...

PRIViLEGDE made new connections at Convergence 2019

The PRIViLEDGE team had two successful days at Convergence 2019 presenting the goals of the project while highlighting the use cases it i...

Privacy Challenges and Requirements in the Diploma Record Ledger

In a previous blog post we saw a prototype service that Greek graduates can use to prove to a third-part that they indeed have a...

PRIViLEDGE showcases at Convergence 2019

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PRIViLEDGE will be showcasing at Convergence 2019 on 12. - 13. November in Malaga, Spain. The project’s ambitions and applications will b...

Alice proves to Bob that she has graduated with diploma

Higher Education Institutes (HEI) and their Student Information Systems (SIS) have been operating in silos as far as the diplomas issuing...

Introducing ‘The World’s Billionaires Problem’

Forbes and billionairesOn March 5, 2019, Forbes reported: "Capitalism is taking some lumps — and not just in the headlines. For only...

It's time to stamp time

Timestamping allows for a (digital) object -typically a document- to be associated with a creation time (interval), such that anyone seei...

Software Developers vs Blockchain Application Developers

Computer Science/Engineering university degree programs typically provide knowledge of paradigms of computation and programming ...

Introducing TIVILEDGE: Next Generation Blockchain Online Voting

Opinion polling (or as it is better known - voting) has a significant role in organisations and societies as a method for making decision...

Asymmetric Distributed Trust

Blockchain platforms are essentially distributed databases that guarantee consistency even in settings where neither all users of the sys...

Successful first project workshop

Mid-May - the partners in the PRIViLEDGE (Privacy-enhancing cryptography in ledgers) project held a workshop in Darmstadt, Germany to mee...

PENCIL workshop Full Program Announced

PENCIL program on 18th of May features 3 keynote talks, 5 PRIViLEDGE presentations, and 10 presentations from selected submissions. ...

Zero Knowledge

I work in cryptography.

Looking back and looking ahead

PRIViLEDGE project is celebrating its first birthday in January 2019, so it’s an excellent time for looking back to 2018 as well as loo...

PENCIL Workshop Submission Server is Now Open!

PENCIL workshop paper submission server is now open and will remain open until 10th of February.

Upcoming Event - PENCIL Workshop 18th of May 2019

We are excited to invite you to an affiliated workshop of Eurocrypt 2019 organised by PRIViLEDGE on 18th of May 2019 in Darmstadt, German...

EU research boosts privacy and anonymity via cryptographic protocols in distributed ledgers

Led by IBM and Guardtime the PRIViLEDGE project received 4,5 mln € of funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme to research cryptograp...

Workshop on Blockchain Technology and Theory

Workshop to be held at Royal Holloway, University of London (UK) on 23 July 2018