Looking back and looking ahead

PRIViLEDGE project is celebrating its first birthday in January 2019, so it’s an excellent time for looking back to 2018 as well as looking ahead.

The aim of PRIViLEDGE is to develop and advance techniques that enhance privacy, anonymity and efficient decentralized consensus for distributed ledgers technologies. This involves scientific research into privacy-preserving cryptography and cryptographic protocols for building distributed ledgers as well as developing various re-usable toolkits for project use cases. All the developed toolkits are and will be open-source.

In 2018, the project work was mainly concentrated on 1) research in privacy-preserving cryptography and cryptographic protocols, 2) research in multi-party computation and development of the first published toolkit, and 3) specifying use cases and the corresponding requirements for each.

The scientific level of the work has been extremely high – 5 conference proceedings from various high-level conferences are available for reading as well as 5 technical reports. The project team continues to submit papers to conferences and has already had its first acceptance for 2019.

In 2019, the work on cryptography as well as use cases is on-going and further toolkits will be developed in the process. Everyone is welcome to participate the first project workshop (PENCIL - Workshop on Privacy ENhancing Cryptography In Ledgers) in May to join the discussions of confidentiality, privacy, scalability, and integrity in the context of distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies.

In addition to following project results and events in Twitter, you can now find a new blogpost here every month. Each post will be by a different partner who will share their own topic of interest, individual perspective and enthusiasm.

Wishing you all an excellent year!