PRIViLEDGE showcases at Convergence 2019

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PRIViLEDGE will be showcasing at Convergence 2019 on 12. - 13. November in Malaga, Spain. The project’s ambitions and applications will be presented at the conference’s the exhibition venue.  

Convergence brings together the worldwide blockchain community for an intense dialog with regulators, policy makers, industry influencers and members of the social impact community. The conference explores the convergence of blockchain with other technologies, with business, with the legal and regulatory landscape, and with society in general and the social good.

With approximately 1500 field experts, Convergence is a perfect place where to tell the story of PRIViLEDGE and highlight it’s potential to increase the trustworthiness of European ICT services and products and the competitiveness of the European cryptography industry.

PRIViLEDGE team will demonstrate its wide scope of applications by showcasing it’s four use-cases throughout the conference at PRIViLEDGE's booth.

These use cases are:

  1. “E-voting” - Verifiable online voting with ledgers
  2. “Health insurance” - Distributed ledger for insurance
  3.  "eDiplomas" - University diploma record ledger
  4.  "Cardano stake-based ledger" - Blockchain updates and evolution

Learn more about the use cases HERE.

PRIViLEDGE will have its hands full in Malaga and is waiting for all interested parties to come and learn more about the wonders of enhancing privacy, anonymity and efficient decentralized consensus for distributed ledgers technologies.

Come meet us at Convergence!

Published by Liis Livin, Guardtime

Photo by Convergence