PRIViLEDGE Workshop at Paris BlockChain Week Summit

PRIViLEDGE will have a virtual workshop on 9th of December at 14:00-16:00 CET at global Paris Blockchain Week Summit. 

Paris Blockchain Week Summit
 (PBWS) is the biggest Blockchain & Digital Assets event in Europe, gathering more than 1,500 attendees and 100 speakers. EU regulations, stable coins, decentralized exchanges, security tokens, scalability issues, recent advances in consensus mechanisms and much more will be discussed by renowned speakers from the best blockchain companies in the world during the two-day summit.

Our two-hour workshop at PBWS focuses on "DLT Applications through Advanced Cryptography: i-Voting, Health Insurance, Higher Education Certificates and Software Update Domains", introducing project PRIVILEDGE four use-cases and highlighting their value for industrial stakeholders.

During the workshop we deliver four presentations that will be moderated by Ivan Visconti (Italy) from University of Salerno. Our use-cases will be showcased as follows:

  1. Sven Heiberg (Estonia) from Smartmatic-Cybernetica Centre of Excellence for Internet Voting will talk about our iVoting use-case. The focus of this use-case is on auditing of election integrity under the condition of secret ballot. Sven and his collegues are working with a voting protocol that allows to publish cryptographic audit trail necessary for the integrity verification in such a manner that it can be made available for everyone on the public ledger without risking the ballot secrecy even in the long term. This makes it possible for election organizers to improve availability of an election without losing the transparency and observability of paper based elections.
  2. Ahto Truu (Estonia) from Guardtime will investigate DLT applications in the case of Health Insurance. Ahto will explain how in PRIViLEDGE we build a prototype for health insurance system that combines secure multi-party computation among the “accountable care organization” members with zero-knowledge proofs that enable the insurers to verify the correctness of the reports without leaking the details of individual patients. Showing the possibility of such privacy-preserving reporting will encourage wider deployment of the outcomes-based contracting model and thus advance the efficiency of the medical insurance in particular and the healthcare sector in general.
  3. Panos Louridas (Greece) from National Infrastructures for Research and Technology will present the eDiplomas use-case explaining how creating a distributed, secure ledger for higher education (HEI) degrees in Greece will contain transactions certifying that a student has obtained a degree from a given institution.  Each Greek HEI institution will run a node of the distributed ledger, so that false records will not be inserted unless 50%+1 of the participating institutions are compromised. With this solution it is possible to overcome the disadvantages of paper-based academic certificates.
  4. Nikos Karagiannidis (Greece) from Input Output Research (I.O. Research) will explain how PRIViLEDGE has developed a novel decentralized software updates framework for stake-based ledger systems. This framework follows a holistic approach and examines a software update throughout its whole lifecycle contrary to the traditional way of handling software updates that are neither decentralised nor secure, nor do they apply the decentralisation and security achieved by modern blockchain technology to the handling of updates for the systems themselves. Nikos will explain how PRIVILEDGE team has studied the phases in the lifecycle of a software update in the "traditional" centralized setting and offers decentralized alternatives for all of them. 

Join us on the 9th of December from 14:00 CET! 
PRIViLEDGE workshop will be held on the Junior Stage at the virtual PBWS.

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