Report Release: PRIViLEDGE workshop on Data Sharing and Privacy

PRIViLEDGE releases a compact report that encapsulates the results of the project's workshop on “Data Sharing and Privacy – What Has Changed in the Era of COVID? A Deep Dive into Policy Dilemmas and New Technological Solutions".

As the first EU-funded research projects and the political initiatives are maturing, and as many initiatives are being undertaken in parallel, project PRIViLEDGE took on the challenge and opportunity to unite the different parties from policymakers, to industry and R&D reps. The 2-hour virtual workshop on 15th of October 2020 facilitated numerous exchanges of ideas. The presenters explored the current data sharing “climate” and explained the different research advances and policy initiatives. 

As a result the workshop re-confirmed that research, industry and policy communities need to cooperate and communicate with each other even more closely in order to tackle the present and future challenges of big data, data sharing and security. There is significant overlap in interests between these communities and the many current and upcoming EC initiatives promise to boost and support the collaboration between these stakeholders to create sustainable solutions for data sharing and privacy.

If you missed our top-notch workshop or are eager to revisit the ideas that were discussed, take a look at the workshop report.