Successful first project workshop

Mid-May - the partners in the PRIViLEDGE (Privacy-enhancing cryptography in ledgers) project held a workshop in Darmstadt, Germany to meet fellow researchers and practitioners working in cryptography, security and distributed systems.

The main goal of the workshop was to evoke cooperation and exchange of information among the community dedicated to solve issues related to distributed ledger technologies as well as present new developments in cryptography. At the workshop participants listened to interesting presentations by the consortium members as well as exchanged thoughts and ideas on the rapid development of the field in general.

The first keynote was delivered by Juan Garay from Texas A&M University on the topic of "A Consensus Taxonomy in the Blockchain Era", where he concluded that consensus (a.k.a. Byzantine agreement) is arguably one of the most fundamental problems in distributed systems, playing an important role in the area of cryptographic protocols as the enabler of a (secure) broadcast functionality.

The second keynote presentation was made by Mateusz Tilewski from Concordium on the topic of “A tale of a Blockchain Startup: How to survive in a science-based industry”, where he gave an insider look into the life and challenges of combining science with technology

The series of keynotes was concluded by Jens Groth from DFINITY on "Why should I believe that?", in which he discussed how trust is related to non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs.

The main organizers of the event were Björn Tackmann from IBM Research and Ivan Visconti from the University of Salerno who were supported by the program committee.

The organizers would like to thank everybody that participated as well as supported the successful event with their contribution. Also Eurocrypt 2019 for letting us host the workshop and our sponsors Concordium, Protocol Labs and IBM.