Upcoming Event - PENCIL Workshop 18th of May 2019

We are excited to invite you to an affiliated workshop of Eurocrypt 2019 organised by PRIViLEDGE on 18th of May 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany!

Workshop on Privacy ENhancing Cryptography In Ledgers aims at discussing questions of confidentiality, privacy, scalability, and integrity in the context of distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies. 

The workshop solicits submissions describing current work addressing decentralized cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies, including cryptographic schemes and techniques, analytical results, work on systems, and/or position papers, with a focus on the area of privacy and confidentiality. Submission opens on 2nd of January 2019 and will close on 10th of February.

For more information on workshop, program committee, paper submission, and keynote talks visit https://priviledge-project.eu/pencil

Join us on 18th of May in Darmstadt!